Roommate Repair Tips-Patching Drywall

by dan the roommate man

Sometimes when you rent places things happen. People can get out of control and damage is done to the rental property. The most common problem is holes in the walls. These holes can be fixed by you which can save you from having the landlord fix it and deducting it off your security deposit.

If you put a small hole in the wall when you are moving out, you can repair it quickly.

For holes less than two inches in diameter you will need:

* Putty knife
* Wallboard knife
* Peel and stick repair tape
* Spackling compound
* Sand paper

Step #1
If the hole is small with no cracks around the edges, simply use the putty knife to fill the hole with spackling compound. Let it dry and sand.

Step #2
If the hole does have cracked edgesArticle Submission, you may need to cut away the loose edges. Then cut a piece of mess to cover the area.

Step #3
Use your putty knife to smooth the spackling over the area. Then use a damp sponge to smooth the area out. Let dry and apply another layer of spackling if necessary.

Step #4
Sand the area smooth.

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