Advantages of Hiring Help for your Move!

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Moving could be a very expensive, stressful and daunting process for most individuals and families trying to relocate. Today, people have found that by renting a truck and hiring a moving labor company they could save significantly on their household move.

Deciding to hire a professional moving Labor Company to help out with your do-it-yourself or self-help household move could be the best money ever spent. However, you must be mindful that with most ‘labor only’ companies the customer typically assumes all responsibility for the purchase and/or rental of the moving equipment and supplies.

While it may be efficient to acquire moving equipment and supplies from your local rental truck vendors such as, U-Haul, Penske, Budget, Ryder, etc., there may be times when these vendors may only be able to provide you with a limited amount of supplies and/or equipment, if not none at all. Nonetheless, by planning ahead of time you could benefit from the option of buying moving supplies such as Blankets, hand trucks, dollies, packaging tape, shrink wrap, etc., at a reasonable discount from online vendors like eBay, amazon, etc.

When it comes to hiring help, you may be tempted to settle with the illusion of hiring low costs day laborers and strangers from your local area. We suggest that you refrain from hiring such strangers for several reasons. First, while it may not appear at times, you will find that some of these individuals consists of inexperienced vagrants, alcoholics, drug addicts or homeless people seeking to make money. Secondly, by hiring such individuals without the proper guidance or company to oversee them you leave yourself vulnerable to the possibility these individuals may become irrational and violent during your move as tensions or stress levels build. Thirdly, since you may not know these individuals at all, with the exception that you met them in front of the local U-Haul center, tavern, liquor store, etc., you not only leave yourself open to theft but your family too!

As with most things, hiring a professional moving labor company could be a complicated and stressful experience if you are not familiar with the service. However, you could make this easy also by performing the proper research and making educated choices based upon the recommendation of friends and family, the number of completed moves, unedited reviews and customer ratings that a company may or may not have accumulated over the years. This gives you the proper assurances and comfort of knowing that you are hiring a respected company that is committed to serving its customers with reliable and quality moving labor solutions.

If you are uncomfortable with researching such companies, you could always visit one of several online moving labor Marketplaces such as, and that offer a marketplace of nationwide moving labor providers. In fact, some of these companies such as Movinghelp and Hireahelper have resulted to user-friendly and preventative payment methods that guarantee you are satisfied with your move. .

Now that you have the reserved a truck, equipment, supplies and moving labor help. Coordinated and confirmed the dates and times for all the required services. If you did not reserve packing help, you may want to do so prior to the date of your move. Organizing, planning and packing could be a very difficult, tedious and time-consuming tasks. You may want to start planning and preparing to pack your smaller household goods for immediate transport. It is not uncommon for moving labor providers to blanket wrap all of your larger furniture pieces for you provided you didn’t forget to get the moving blankets, spare cardboard and packaging tape! As a convenience, you may want to label or color code your items so that they could be delivered into the right room while services providers unload your rental truck.

Moving is a tough job which consists of a high level of muscular and cardiovascular endurance. As a gesture, you should buy a reasonable supply of bottled water and Gatorade for your movers, especially if you have a multi-story walkup. Also, it may be wise to keep some extra cash on hand, for tipping or just in case your move exceed its pre-ordered time period!

Moreover you could benefit significantly from the use of knowledgeable and skilled moving professionals that have substantial experience with operating household moving equipment and supplies. Knowledgeable and skilled moving laborers could prevent unnecessary damage ensuring you peace of mind that your household goods are being handle by seasoned pros.

So, don’t be left alone on moving day? Whether you need packing, loading, unloading and unpacking, J Sutton & Co. Moving Services moving solutions are make sure you are adequately prepared by hiring a reputable moving labor company for all your household moving-related needs. We have experienced packing, loading, unloading or rental truck driving needs. Make sure you prepare adequately by making your online reservation today! Ordering online is easy, fast and secure!

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